Sunday, 3 January 2010

Back to Salamanca

The Christmas holidays are coming to an end and I will be flying back to Salamanca via Stanstead and Valladolid tomorrow.  Two weeks at home with my parents has been relatively fruitful: I painted my brother, got lots of photos of central London, painted my brother's ex, and painted this painting of the National Gallery in London.  I had done a painting of Calle Toro in Salamanca which has been very popular on flickr for its reflections in the wet pavement so I thought I would try to do something similar of some of the sites of London.  Conveniently for me the day I went round with my camera it was raining so I got lots of great photos wet streets.  The painting took me about a day and I used oils on paper.  I think it could have done with a little more work but it is still wet so won't be travelling with me in my hand luggage.  I'll do another better one when I get to Spain.


  1. I like this painting very much! Great colours and style! Thank you for your comment on my patent leather shoes.

  2. I will put your link on my blog - hope that's ok for you.

  3. Thanks for your comment Liza, and the link. Your blogs are very good, I especially like Liz Moves On, you are very disciplined to post every day! I have put a link to it on this blog, I wish you the best of luck selling your paintings, they are excellent.


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