Here is a list of my favourite subjects to paint, with links to my blog posts where I have attempted examples of each category.  No abstracts I'm afraid ;)


Some general portrait posts:
Self Portraits
Creating a Scene
Backgrounds and Clothing

Pencil portraits: I used to to a lot of pencil portraits before I became more confident with paint, usually as gifts for people, here are two posts where I go into some of the process:
Drawing Young Children
Drawing Old Men

Painting family members:  Depending on how well you get along with your family this can either be an opportunity to experiment or a time to be extra careful, either way they are people you know better than anyone else and it can be interesting to try to capture their character.
Painting Family Portraits

Painting Children: One of my most recent and finest paintings, it is of a ffriend's child, this post also includes a painting of a close up of my eye.
Painting of a Friend's Kid

Still Life

One of my favourite subjects to paint, here are some posts where I have a go at still life painting, usually in oils, but also a few in acrylics:
A Bunch of Grapes
A Glass of Water
Not So Still-life: Running Water

Landscapes / Cityscapes

Painting Rainy Streets
Some Landscapes

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