Painting Techniques

Here I include all the pieces I have written over the past few years which have some relevance to painting technique, though none of them really provide a how-to-paint course.  My blogging has been sporadic at best (although my intention as of March 2012 is to begin to get things in order), due to this I seem to repeat myself a few times and really need to get down to editing them to make them more useful to readers.  I hope you'll forgive me the chaotic nature of the posts.  At best they provide some insight into my self-taught and experimental methods, they may give you some clues as to some of the things I've found useful, and some of the pitfals you should avoid, that is, if you like my style and are interested in producing something in this vein.  I myself am constantly learning and consider myself, at the age of 33, to be near the beginning of a journey of discovery into what I see to be a vast ocean of figurative and representational expression through paint.

I hope you'll ignore any passages where I sound preachy, it's something which comes over me when I sit down to try to put forward my opinion, I have no formal training myself and am interested in just sharing my experiences, not telling people how it should be done.  I am humble about my skills and imperfections and understand that I have a long way to go.

Wide Angles
Backgrounds and Clothing
Painting Rainy Streets
White isn't Always White - Painting Colours
Painting from Life or from Photos
Revisiting Unfinished Paintings
Creating a Scene
A Step-by-step Painting
Loosening Up
Negative Spaces
Pencil Portraits
Painting from the Old Masters
A Time-Lapse Video
Painting Translucent Light

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