Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Painting Translucent Light


I enjoy trying to imitate light in paint, it brings me a unique sense of achievement which intoxicates me so much that painting in an abstract style loses all appeal and pales in comparison to trying do do this, which is to create a reality within a juxtaposition of planes of textured colour. And it's something which you can improve with practice and unlike with abstract painting, it is easy to gauge improvement, you can see when you're getting better.  I've lost interest in most contemporary art I see because they seem to be doing something completely foreign to what I like doing, I'd prefer to be called a painter than an artist.

Here I've painted some grapes.  I saw a painting of translucent grapes in a magazine and then some more on flickr, they were very inspiring and I wanted to have a go myself.  The key seemed to be to have strong light behind the grapes so I bought some and put them in front of a window on my nicest plate.  It worked as I had planned, in fact better because I hadn't anticipated the interesting way the grapes would flop down at the edges.  The grapes are as I saw them, maybe a little greener, I tried putting some strawberries in the scene but quite like this simple composition.

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