Thursday, 1 March 2012

Creating a Scene

It has become evident to me that painting portraits of people grinning at the viewer has limited emotional depth so I have been trying more and more to include some aspect of tension or drama in the scenes I paint.  I hope to to this more and am currently brainstorming ideas, maybe I will try ro reproduce some scenes from films or at least ideas which imply some storyline behind the painting.

This painting of my friend Tatiana I called Worried Maybe, it is from a photo of her sitting in my living room, she was looking off to one side pensively and I was snapping away with my camera, who knows maybe it should be called Bored and Getting Annoyed Maybe.  Anyway, I really like the result, I didn't work too hard on getting it looking like her but rather tried to capture some element of emotion.

Another painting I did a while back which also has some tension is one of two friends doing some late night cooking, an Italian guy and a Spanish girl I know, the guy was actually a bit tired of me taking so many photos but in the painting he just looks sinister, it could be from a movie.  I intend to do more like this.

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